Working Human. One can read that simple phrase in several different ways and so it captures the dignity and drudgery that is being a human at work both professionally and personally. We come to all our labors as individuals, but even for the most solitary farmer or artist, those labors almost always lead us to association with others, to some form of organization. Working Human is an exploration of how our individual actions can foster more effective organizations and, reflexively, how organizations can foster more effective individuals.

Michele Gast and Byron Glick together bring over sixty years of experience in quality, management consulting, technology and being human at work. Over the course of our careers, a shared focus on making organizations more effective has emerged based on an enduring curiosity for the intersection of the natural and the constructed.

Every day, we bring to work, all of us, our histories and our personalities, wrapped up in flesh and blood, emotions, and a certain spirit that some might call a soul. There is a portion of ourselves we carefully curate and present, but other aspects are irrepressibly organic arising seemingly with a will of their own. We are always a work in progress, a working human. So we are always open, willingly or not, to improvement, to aspiration, and to achievement.

We hope these reflections and observations spark conversation, consideration, and more effective action for you at work and beyond.

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