Art and Science: or We’re Not in the Fourth Grade Anymore

Art-Sci“Well, it’s as much an art as a science.” You’ve said it. I’ve said it. We’ve all said it at one time or another, usually to deflect some misguided wish for certainty, simplicity, or immediacy. Beyond the verbal hand-waving, however, there is a deeper truth. The professions we choose are, ultimately, all human endeavors and as such come with the all the mystery and ambiguity of human instincts, emotions, visions and even intellect. The whole truth is the “Art and Science” phrase is said as much to comfort ourselves in what we don’t know or completely understand as it is to suggest an elevated status conferred by access to some secret wisdom. Continue reading

Emotions at Work: When the Virtual Lion Roars

I’m beginning to wonder if Passion is the new Excellent. It would seem you can’t turn around at work without bumping into a mission statement talking about “Passion for Great Customer Experience,” or a vision to “Bring Uncommon Passion to Building the Best Products.” Throw in a phrase that includes “Inspiration” and you almost have a business plan.

I guess as dress codes became less buttoned down, one could only expect that we’d begin to see a more colorful and expansive way of talking about business in general. And that’s a good thing, bringing more of our whole selves to the labors that occupy so much of our days. But after one particular meeting that exhibited quite a bit of passion in the form of loud voices and even a bit of tears, all not in a good way, I couldn’t help but wonder, what do we want from emotions in the workplace?
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